Adhesive-Backed Magnetic Sheet

Pro Magnetic Adhesive-Backed Sheet

Our adhesive-backed magnetic roll has 2 faces, one of them is magnetic and the other is coated with adhesive. The magnetic side has a UV coating and will attach to magnetically receptive surfaces such as flexible iron or steel.

The roll can be cut to size and attached to larger non-magnetic materials to turn them into magnets.

The easy to use paper release liner reveals the adhesive, allowing you to stick the material to a number of surfaces, making these areas magnetic.

Adhesive-backed magnetic sheets are designed for creating magnetic walls and surfaces onto which, printed ferrous films and sheets are applied.

Product Name Thickness Available size 
Pro Magnetic 6 0.5mm 620mm x 30mtr
1020mm x 20mtr
Pro Magnetic 8 0.6mm 620mm x 30mtr
1020mm x 20mtr
1270mm x 20mtr
Pro Magnetic 10 0.85mm 620mm x 30mtr
1020mm x 10mtr
1270mm x 10mtr
Pro Magnetic 14 1.5mm 600mm x 10mtr
Pro Magnetic 16 2mm 600mm x 10mtr
We are also able to cut rolls to length, slit rolls and offer cut piece or panel solutions for your specific requirements.