Visual Display

Magnetically Receptive Materials


PromoSteel is lightweight and great for retail displays. PromoSteel is a receptive material, which attaches to a magnetic base. PromoSteel can be printed onto using a wide range of printers and ink delivery systems.


At 0.3mm thick, MultiSteel is a lightweight, but with a strong holding force. MultiSteel is a receptive material, which attaches to a magnetic base. You can print onto the material with either UV or solvent inks.

Magnetic Paint

Promagnetic Paint is designed to create a permanent magnetically surface onto which you can apply magnetic material (such as MultiMag, Flexible Magnetic Sheets and Double-Sided Magnetic Sheet).

Flexible iron

Flexible iron sheets / ferrous sheets are a flexible, magnetically receptive material which can be used as an alternative to steel. The sheets can also be supplied with a white, printable receptive surface.

Magnetic Materials


An ultra-thin option, ideal for low-cost mail outs. Its main feature though, is the halogen-free coating that we use to print too, which allied to our halogen-free inks makes this product a more environmentally friendly option.

White Vinyl Magnetic Sheets

White vinyl magnetic sheets allow printers to print directly onto the magnetic sheets. The vinyl is suitable for (eco) solvent, UV and screen printing. Available at 0.5mm, 0.6mm and 0.85mm thicknesses.